American Literature Essay Review

Independent honesty of Ann Bradstreet

Being one of the early poets in the colonies of America, Anne Bradstreet wrote words that are everlasting in the society. Although she lived in a patriarchal society, she went against all odds to address the issues concerning the women in society. Although she was aware of the confrontation and objection she would face, she still went ahead and pin-pointed all the negativities that her female kind was facing. Her writings ranged from love, nature to God. Despite all her efforts, the society, by then, needed approval from a man so as to make her works flourish. She later acquired the approval from a number of men. She opened doors for the acknowledgment of women writers (Kellogg 74-80).

The Secret Diaries of Byrd

Byrd wrote his diary in a shorthand ancient form which was recognized by only the very learned of his time. He was so certain that his diary was never to be read due to its encoded nature. After hard work of trying to reveal the content of the diary, it took the world 300 years to know its contents. The diary contained an undistorted outlook of life in the early 18th century, of a colonial plantation. his first diary which was published in 1940, is dated from 1709 to 1712. It majorly contains Byrd’s day-to-day way of life. The diary also contains a record of his infidelities. It reveals that he was a cruel master who beat his slaves and invented punishments which were abnormal.

Horrors of the middle passage

The middle passage is marked with the horrific facts of Africans being forcefully sold into slavery. It marks one of the most dreadful historical occurrences revealing the highest capacity of inhumanity and selfishness, endurance and vigor. Research has it that the estimated number of slaves shipped ranges from 5 million to 30 million. Another unknown number, estimated to be in millions, died in the process of capturing and in the ships that transversed through the Atlantic. Chained hand and foot, the slaves were put in tiny spaces where they slept, ate, gave birth and even died, as they were shipped in a cruise that took 6 to 8 weeks. Later, the slaves, from different regions, learned a new way of communicating and planned to fight for their freedom.


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