An Introduction to Fiction: Short Essay

The story opens with an of Western Montana where the family lives at the junction of the great rivers (Maclean 36). The speaker says that, in their family, there was no difference between religion and fly-fishing. The description brings out the religious atmosphere tied to the life of Jesus Christ during his Galilean ministry. That defines a family setting devoted to Christianity. Additionally, the speaker and his brother got teachings from the on fishing and spiritual matters from their father. Apparently, the description and the setting of the upbringing create an atmosphere of strict parenting skills of the speaker’s father. The atmosphere is rather tense and ominous, but it eventually defines a proper upbringing. The speaker no longer fishes together with Paul since they are both in their early thirties (53). It is 1937 summer, and their father is retired. Paul is now a reporter in Helena and the speaker had “gone off and got married.” The setting in terms of time brings a nostalgic atmosphere in the story with respect to the speaker as he missed the old days.

Maclean, Norman. A River Runs Through It, And Other Stories. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1976. Print.

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