Analysis of Mastering Fear in Poems

The poems incorporated that is cardiac arrest, and inseparable hearts entails an emotionally connecting expression of the self in reaction to fears suffered from engaging with the father of the poet. The speaker constructively approaches the poems with instinctive emotions and feelings that reflect the extent of the fear he suffered. The flowing content of the poem details the intended purpose of the product.


The poems feature an essential approach to the subject of fear as illustrated in the poem. The poet sought to establish the core aspects that describe the consequent effects of fear on the relations a person has with respect to those close to them. For instance, in establishing the content of the poems inseparable hearts and cardiac arrest, the poet is keen to note and describe the details reflecting the intention of the poem. The hook line, “as death and heaven will do us apart”, reflects the entire meaning and target of the poem. The identifiable target audience for the poem entails those facing challenges that are forcing them to consider separating from their loved ones. Notably, the poem is written with the intent of facilitating the processes of overcoming fear of engaging the father. Thus, the target audience in this poem is to illustrate the need to create the emotional attachment her, the notable element of the audience faces. Further, the project also engages the process of inviting the target audience accordingly as the target consumer resonates with the purpose of the poem. In evidence, several people encounter the challenges of facing their fathers as most father figures in the society depict and command fear in their children. Thus, restarting the ideology of engaging the emotional development of the audience establishes the stand of staying together since they are the inseparable hearts. Therefore, reflecting on these observations, the audience engages accordingly with the message of the poem. Thus, the poet achieves the goal of the poems.

The poems in detail

The poems facilitate an integrated approach to the description of the subject of fear. The poet illustrates the concept of addressing the fear from a perspective that is quite difficult to understand. He uses a tone that is emotionally moving, as he reflects on the effects of suffering the fear from personal experiences. The poems have a pitch that depicts a child describing the consequences he suffers from the awful relation he has with the father. The poet, for instance, states how hurting the words of the father was to his heart, causing him to have a cardiac arrest. Thus, from these emotionally moving statements as the author of the poem uses it observable the target of his poems. The need to address the subject of fear remains the goal of the poems, as the poet applies the intellectual use of words to depict the emotional tone. Reading the poem, it creates a sense of relation for the consumer as they engage the content. The consumer from the reading expects to relate to the story and address the core elements of the fears in their lives.

The value of the poems

The target audience of the poet connects emotionally with the poem as they can engage the poem from personal experiences that they faced. The poem instills emotions in the procedural developments as they reflect the course of the intent of the poet through relating their fears to those the poet expresses. The process of overcoming fear can prove remarkably challenging when approached from a personal level where a person is not sharing and receiving support with others. However, as the target audience engages this poem, they relate to the personal experiences and resonate accordingly facilitating their process of recovery. The poem can sell to the target audience accordingly from the choice of words as the poet selects his lines with a hook aspect in almost every line of the poem. Therefore, these elements of the poem constitute the entire value of the poem as it focuses on key issues that address the goals of the poet. The poems address the topic of fear to the success of satisfying the target consumers.

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