Analysis of Two Poems: “The Essence of Love The poem” and “The light of Asia or the Great Renunciation”

The Essence of Love The poem

The Essence of Love which is composed of Aaron Guttery is a poem that has meaning beyond the poem, for example, the theme of love which has been analyzed helps to lovers. The poem shows the author’s desires and perceptions, for example when he states that the dream will come alive and how they loved each other inside. It is stated categorically that when he tells her about the final lines, he will die inside before walking away from her. Through the travel and depths of the heart and the mind, he states that the bonds are unbreakable. Additionally, he vows to her lover that he wants her and thus he will never leave her. In the poem essence of love, the author promises her lover that he will hold her hand alongside in the time of sickness, health, in the time of poverty, richness until they both die. The author commits his body, spirits, and the mind to the lover if only she will give him time to love her. According to Guttery, the theme of love is specifically shown in romantic love and thus it portrays more than the poem since it is shown as a powerful and unstoppable force that is in nature. This is the reason why the composer decides that the love which they share with the lover should take its course and thus it will be uncontrollable. Since love is an unstoppable force of nature, it is portrayed as a confusing world to the lover and a guiding star for the lovers since the force is depicted as a fruits in a tree and when one of the partners pick the fruits while closing the eyes, he or she will either pick the ripe or the unripe and thus when they are eating either ripe or unripe they will taste ripe (Aaron, 10). This shows that in case one has a problem, then both will suffer and incase of happiness they will share that happiness together. The lovers think as if they are daydreaming but hope that the dream will come to a reality one day when they will walk in the assails holding hands together and exchanging the beautiful words, yes I do.

The theme of love, which is one of the virtues that is needed in the whole world, is portrayed in the poem since the composer thinks when he is asleep he thinks about himself and her and thus it is their wish to know what true love means. In verse 2 stanza 8, Aaron Guttery illustrates that he truly believes that the dream will come alive through hope and thus live happily together as one. In verse 5, Aaron Guttery illustrates that love is bitter though for the lovers no one will admit that it is bitter rather they will consider it as tasting ripe.

The light of Asia or the great renunciation

In the poem, the light of Asia or the great renunciation, the theme of religion is portrayed. Having been composed by Sir Edwin Arnold, the poem aims at ensuring that Buddhism is accepted in Asia since Buddhism was not popular in the region. Arnold is successful to campaign about the religion where he thinks that other religions will not make one go to heaven and thus the deliverance of one must be sought (Edwin, 13). He argues that the helpless gods who are pleased by the gift and hymn by the individuals are not important more than Buddhist who is not bribed with the blood-fed with fruits nor the cakes and thus the deliverance and individual deeds depend on one and not the religion which one belongs to. The poem the light of Asia or the great renunciation by Edwin Arnold in verse 2 illustrates how individuals waste time with hymns and gifts which they offer to their gods which should not be the case. The theme of religion is effectively indicated in the poem since it explains clearly that the suffering of mankind is in the world rather than in heaven and thus one should consider the right thought, right speech, livelihood, among others.


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