Andre's Mother: Essay Analysis of a Play

Andre’s Mother is a short play that shows the audience a group of people and their reaction to the death of their friend. The main character and the protagonist of the play are Cal. From his words, it becomes obvious that he and Andre were more than friends; they were lovers.

As the short story suggests, Cal’s love and Andre’s feelings towards Cal made Andre leave his mother and home and go to New York to live with his beloved. Cal used to accuse Andre of being a country boy because the latter was homesick and used to play a “sophisticated New Yorker” (McNally 350). From this, it is possible to draw a conclusion that Cal is a strong, perhaps, sometimes even commanding person. At the same time, he is very loving, caring and sincere in everything he does or says. To some extent, he can be called brave as he summons his courage and dares to talk to Andre’s mother about her son’s life and death. He is not afraid to be accused of being the reason for Andre’s mother’s unhappiness and grief. Seeing that the woman does not want to talk to him, he still does not give up and tells what was going on in Andre’s life. He wants Andre’s mother to accept her son as he was and not to be angry with him. By this, he shows how much Andre means to him and how hard it is for him to let accept his loss and let it go.


Work Cited
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