Autobiography of Red By Anne Carson Essay

A work of art, be it literature, translation or essay writing is viewed as a guide and source of education to the readers and the society as a whole. It reflects the ideas, themes, and lessons from different fields. Poetry, on the other hand, plays a crucial role in creating a unique and peculiar yet entertaining piece of work. Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red captures these aspects and makes the literal scenes more vivid in the mind of the reader’s mind.

Firstly, the author blends and translates the Greek mythology. It consists of seven sections of the Greek lyric performance that made Stesichoros legendary. The author elaborates on the myth on a perspective and experience of Geryon. The use of different writing styles is clearly portrayed. The writer uses poems that blur the difference between fiction and reality. She typically and creatively reveals the truth by her imagination. Poetry also shows gender identity issues. “Two women came towards them swaying their heels like gold foxes. No, they are men, Geryon saw as they passed” (Carson 114). Similarly, the narrator uses metaphor engaging the readers’ mind and the use of philosophical language.

In addition, the narrator depicts the sensitivity of a love tale gone wrong. As such, she focuses on the experience of Herakles and how things fall apart in a short period of time. Mental images creatively built provide a Geographical location later on. The artistic work of the author is authentic and tranquil to comprehend. Such is in effect to cater for all levels of readers and enhance their comprehension ability. It adopts an angle of a contemporary relationship and finally a love story. However, the use of customary ancient ideas and settings is bumpy. This makes the understanding of the text difficult. Sources are influenced by a historical reference based on a Greek myth.

However, the reader is bombarded with two unanswered questions. Why is there distinguished irony in the narrator’s poems? And if monsters exist, how would one deal with them drawing illustrations from the relationship of monstrous and human life as depicted by Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red?


Work Cited
Carson, Anne. Autobiography of Red: A Novel in verse.New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1998. Print.

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