Biography of Louisa May Alcott Essay

Louisa May Alcott was a novelist from America. Her best-seller was the novel named Little Women. The childhood experiences she had with her siblings were the basis of the novel. Alcott had problems with her education and her family moved to Massachusetts in the year 1840. Henry David Thoreau was a naturalist who gave Alcott, her early childhood education. Although she received most of her education from her father, Alcott received instructions from scholars and writers. Through her article “Transcendental Wild Oats,” she described her early years (Alcott, p. 15).
Alcott became a feminist and a protestor as an adult. She stood for the rights of women as through the knowledge that she gained from other published articles. She came from a humble family and had to start working at an early age. She worked as a temporal teacher, a writer, and a domestic helper. She wrote her first book in the year 1855 by the title Flower Fables. She also began writing for a magazine- the Atlantic Monthly (Showalter, Elaine, Lea, & Walton, p. 33). She worked as a nurse at a hospital in Georgetown for about one month, where she wrote sketches for her articles. She received recognition in the commonwealth in the year 1869. She became a renowned novelist due to the experience she had.

Alcott produced passionate novels and children’s storybooks and specialized in them. She became an advanced writer until her death. Her death was caused by mercury poisoning that she contracted during her service in the American Civil War (Unger, Leonard, Walton, Molly, & Jay, p. 21). She received treatment for typhoid instead of the poisoning. She passed on two days after the death of her father, in the year 1888. She died in the city of Boston.

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