Book Response Paper: Ana Patova Crosses a Bridge

The effectiveness of a novel is the ability to present the story in a poetic and appealing way that moves the reader in a trance of ecstasy and the desire to keep reading. Specifically, suspense is an essential technique that holds the reader on to the story and motivates them to read on and see how events unfold and witness the fate of the protagonist. The success of an author’s ability to transit from an idea to another and maintain relevance to the topic irrespective of the external influence is substantial evidence of mastery and competence in his or her work. In her book, Ana Patova Crosses a Bridge, Renee Gladman incorporates a poetic sentence that propels the novel.

Gladman’s book is interesting because it elucidates the use of words and voice as the design of building a fictional world. Specifically, she achieves this by drawing two worlds for the protagonist and creating a fictional city of Ravicka that looks real from descriptions, yet not located on any map. Therefore, the book depicts a reality in life where people have to distinguish fiction from reality, precisely, when the two seem to merge into a single entity that illuminates on the horizon.

The difference between reality and fiction lies within the concept of imagination. Specifically, there are adequate illustrations in the book where the characters are uncertain about their whereabouts or the actions they perform. The activities in the city of Ravicka are unknown elucidating the power of imagination and creativity (Gladman 26). For this reason, the book is not only captivating and melancholy but also evokes a sense of keenness and critical thinking to distinguish the reality as portrayed in the poetic language.


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