Change the World From Here: Essay

Recently the of San Francisco launched a new logo and tagline – ‘Change the World From Here’. Outside of its idealistic and motivational qualities, the underlining meaning of this tagline demands further investigation. This essay presents an interpretation of the University of San Francisco’s new tagline and considers exactly how individuals and students can carry out its proclamation.

In considering the university’s new tagline, one notes that this line is an extension of the university’s previous line. Previously the university’s tagline was, “Educating Minds and Hearts to Change the World.” This tagline considered the means of education to enact significant social change. The new tagline retains this message, yet alters it slightly to emphasize the location. This change has a number of significant implications. One of the important considerations is that the University is indicating that individuals can change the world from both the university and the community. In these regards, the new tagline has more specific implications than the previous tagline in that it considers the nature of the community. One of the significant elements in the new tagline is when it is considered in terms of the changing world brought on by the Digital Age. With technological advances, individual community and social relations have increasingly become computer-mediated. The new tagline serves to re-center the focus of education as more than simply an element of learning course content, but also through interacting with the community environment.

While the new tagline has a number of important implications as a change on the previous tagline, it also is highly meaningful unto itself. One of the main considerations is the empowering effect of education to change things. While some might argue that it is slightly idealistic, such a motivational tone is highly appropriate for the scholastic environment. At the University of San Francisco students find themselves in a vibrant community and a school environment that is filled with promise and motivation. In this context of understanding, the phrase ‘change the world from here’ encourages students to go beyond simply pursuing education as a means for career advancement and personal betterment, but rather to pursue disciplines that have a meaningful impact on the world. In terms of here, the tagline is informing students that through the education they receive at the university and the community, students have the opportunity to gain the skills to make these world-changing contributions. It’s clear that the tagline is both motivational and advances the University of San Francisco’s underlining message of social justice. Ultimately, the new tagline encourages students to take into account scholastics, community, and social justice when embarking on their educational journey at the university.

In conclusion, this essay has considered the University of San Francisco’s new tagline – ‘Change the World From Here’. The essay has demonstrated that the new tagline has a number of significant meanings that differentiate it from the school’s previous line. It also considered the tagline’s underlining message and meaning. Ultimately, it demonstrates that the tagline articulates the school’s historic message in a newly reimagined context for the Digital Age.

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