Character Analysis Harry Haller – "The Steppenwolf"

The story revolves around a one Harry who had some negative hostility one Mr. Steppenwolf, an old man, on allegations that he was not a social man despite being the fact that they shared the same apartments and furthermore lived next door. Harry’s aunt who developed some charming attractions to the man was met by some intimate opposition by Harry himself on some poor conclusions on the man’s queer behavior. Harry started changing his perception of Mr.Steppenwolf who at this old age seemed to be ailing and need some comfort. Harry was compelled to have some sympathy on the man who from the look of things was brought in a poor and harsh society, but one that he perceived to have taught Mr. Steppenwolf not to retaliate but spread the love courtesy of his strong personality and endeavors.

Amid the stay in the rented room, Harry discovered many things about the man who by then had lots of cigars ashes on the smoking tray and some whiskey which despite his nature as a non- smoker captured his heart more than his artistic disorder. When Harry came to realize that the man respected him, and the fact that he was homeless, lonely and homesickness, he apparently changed his outward perception. Harry accepted the Mr. Steppenwolf’s life which to him appeared to have had some traumatizing past, the good deed about the man was the respectful nature who never disturbed anyone but carried his day to day business diligently despite the inability to afford a smile. The pity and his twist on Mr. Steppenwolf climaxed on his realization of Mr. Steppenwolf sickly nature who at some instances wanted some help up the stairs. He was inwardly changed on how Mr. Steppenwolf perceived things even to an extent told him that every culture has some weaknesses and strengths, beauties and ugliness, a quote that Mr. Harry internalized with big respect.

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