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John Grisham, who became synonymous as one of the best of modern legal thrillers, had very humble beginnings practicing law in Mississippi in the hope of becoming a lawyer. However, it was his great passion for writing that made him take a daring step to fulfill his dream of becoming a writer. After his graduation from law school, he went on to practice law for almost a decade. Though he had a tight schedule of work, he managed to squeeze in time for his writing either before he went to work or during recess sessions of the courtroom. The incident that inspired him to take a daring step into the field of writing was the harrowing story of a rape victim who was just twelve years old, that he happened to overhear. His debut novel titled, ‘A Time to Kill’ that was initially rejected by many publishers, but eventually got published in 1988 by Wynwood Press, (John Grisham’s Biography, Retrieved on 9 – 12 – 2011) enabled him to spiral up the ladder of success as one of the most sought after legal thriller writers of his time.


John Grisham’s creative talent knew no bounds because he was capable of striking the right balance between his two major passions of writing and law. He delved deep into both these subjects as he deftly weaved the plot of his novel in a seamless, yet brilliant way that kept his readers in awe. His creative talent was in great abundance and this he used to capitalize on his writing by churning out novel after novel that met with resounding success and made him a name to reckon within the field of legal writing because they became best sellers. It was his creative talents that led him to new pastures where some of his best novels were made into spellbinding movies such as ‘A Time to Kill, The Firm, The Rainmaker, A Painted House and many more. (John Grisham’s Biography, Retrieved on 9 – 12 – 2011)


John Grisham was a very hardworking person and this we could see during the different stages in his life. He worked hard at any job he took up. Before going to college he did gardening, plumbing and even the job of a salesperson. Soon after his graduation, he began practicing law for almost a decade. However, his passion for writing urged him to squeeze in time to pursue his hobby during courtroom recesses or early before leaving for his work. After writing his first novel ‘A Time to Kill’, he immediately approached publishers, many of whom turned him down. (John Grisham’s Biography, Retrieved on 9 – 12 – 2011) Undeterred, and being the hardworking person that he was, he began writing his next novel.


Grisham was meticulous in organizing his work. He never tried to juggle between his different interests. He carefully organized and set aside time for dealing with legal cases, his writing and for his family. He was so well organized that he pursued his passions with determination and dedication. His skill at the organization could also be seen in his writing of one novel at a time and that is why each one of his novels is a bestseller. Besides writing, he also organized his time for charitable causes such as Rebuild the Coast Fund and constructing six ball fields on his property and being the commissioner for the local Little League. (John Grisham’s Biography, Retrieved on 9 – 12 – 2011)


Grisham exudes self-confidence because he was clear about what he wanted to do and what he was capable of achieving. Even though his childhood dream was to become a professional baseball player, yet when he understood he could not take it up as a career, he was confident enough to change and pursue law and thereafter his writing. The inspiration he drew from his legal cases gave him the confidence to indulging himself in writing some of the most thrilling novels. His experience in the field of law was yet another contributing factor that gave him the self-confidence he needed to become one of the best novelists of his age.

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“John Grisham’s Biography”, Web, Retrieved on Dec. 9th, 2011.

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