Claire of the Sea Light by Edwidge Danticat Essay Analysis

There is much to be said about a strong novel or collection of stories like Claire of the Sea Light by Edwidge Danticat. First and foremost, the main character was born on the day that her mother died. Every child needs the guidance and love of her mother especially in the first few years of its life. This would not be felt by the main protagonist as the mother died from childbirth. Another sad truth regarding this detail is that the child will be reminded of her mother’s death every time she celebrates her birthday. There are a number of women who are dying after giving birth; one reason would be from excessive bleeding. The list of reasons might be endless. Danticat traces her roots back to Haiti and this story could mean more than anything to her. Every scene is filled with strong emotion that would leave its readers in tears or with ravaging sorrow.

Other people might say that such a story is truly fictional and will be next to impossible to happen in real life. What these people do not know is that this kind of thing does happen in the real world especially in third world countries where raising a child is deemed to be a difficult task. The author used the most powerful tool to gain followers and readers and that is emotion. Readers are more attached to stories that are touching the stories of people who are living in depressed areas, victims of calamity or have been orphaned by a parent at a very young age.


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