Compare and Contrast Essay: A Good Man Is Hard to Find

Flannery O Conner has written both the stories ly “ Good Country People” and “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” which indeed reflects the story of common people. Both the stories in their own way explain that in today’s world it is extremely difficult to find good and trustworthy people. Whether it is keeping a maid in your house or finding yourself a partner or simply trusting anyone and believing that they would help you when in need. Flannery has beautifully explained that what people seem from outside may not be the same from inside as it is said looks are deceptive, the best example of which we find in the character of Manley Pointer.

In both the stories, a great emphasis has been laid on trusting in Jesus. In Good Country people Mrs. Hopewell believed that all the people are good and that was the core reason that this world was still going good. As compared to her daughter Joy who did not believe in God and according to her those who believed in Him were all the same. Although what she believed was not justified because all the people in the world are not bad or good. But, what happened with her, deepened her thought that all of them are the same. In the other story, the grandmother was a woman of great faith. She believed in Jesus with all her heart till her last breath. Her mother didn’t like Joy who changed her name to Hulga. The main reason for her being rude to everyone was that she had an accident because of which she lost her leg and now had an artificial wooden leg attached to her body. In the latter, the grandmother didn’t want to go with his son Bailey and his family to Florida as she was afraid that the criminal who called himself as Misfit ran from the prison and was very possessive about her family. On their way the grandmother met a man named Red Sammy who she thought was indeed a good man but as he said it’s very difficult a good person in the present world. The criminal named Misfit started to commit crime as he was given punishment for the crime, which he had never committed. He was accused of killing his father, which wasn’t the truth. In both, the stories the mere cause of bitterness towards the people was because of the difficulties and injustice that both the characters namely Joy-Hulga and Misfit had faced in their past. Joy experienced a very horrible incident, which made her bitterer towards life and the people surrounding her. She started believing that guy who portrayed himself as a missionary but instead he was just playing with her. He made her realize that she was dependant on other people without her artificial leg, which broke her from inside. Similarly, is the case with the Misfit, who was punished for a crime he didn’t commit. Although the grandmother was a woman of great faith and till her last breath tried to convince the Misfit that he should also pray and believe in Jesus and everything will be all right. Both the stories explain the extreme behavior of people belonging to two different worlds who faced a lot of difficulties in their life. Misfit became misfit just because he wasn’t given justice. So justice should be given to all the people irrespective of their race, religion, caste or creed, etc. Misfit after killing the grandmother and family was not content but it has just become his habit in order to satisfy himself. On the other hand that missionary did not feel bad for what he had done with Joy.

In the end, it would not be wrong to say that the world is indeed full of colors but there are some colors, which destroy your life. In both cases, it is clearly visible that we shouldn’t trust anyone so quickly and blindly because the world contains good as well as bad people. Another important thing is that believing in Jesus is the best thing a person can do. To sum up it can be said that Flannery O Conner in these both stories have tried to convey that faith is an important part of life, which is evident from Hulga’s character that although being an atheist she had some faith which helped her to live a normal life like other people. Both stories tell us the difference between wrong and right good or bad. (Flannery)


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O’Connor, Flannery. A Good Man Is Hard to Find. Avon Publications, 1953. Print.

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