Essay Analize of Phillis Wheatley Poems

This reading is about Phillis Wheatly who is a poet who wrote various poems of different. Her artistic approach of various poems is revealed upon these readings. The overall theme of these poems is slavery. Phillis strongly agitates for the abolition of slavery. She claims that everyone was a “son of liberty” and had the obligation to cry for liberty. This was to stimulate the people in authority to hear the cry for human sorrow. The theme of this poem is hidden and the readers should be keen to scrutinize the meaning. The writer should bring out the theme blatantly.
There is heavy use of metaphor in the poems which brings comparison and emphasis towards the theme to some extent. For example, in the poem to his majesty in the first stanza viz “smiling like the morn”.Here smiling is likened to the morn to bring more emphasis. However, the author should use metaphors that much the theme…

The choice of words upon these poems gives vivid imagery when the poems are being read. However; the author has failed to use the language imagery where the thematic topics of the poems heard. For example “slavery could be heard in the west” to usher the reader in the world of imagery and bring more emphasis on the theme. The tone used in these poems is overly kind and positive. It is soft and persuasive. For example “For famous past, great sir, our thank is due” Basically, I think when a critical theme such as slavery is being addressed such as this, a harsh tone should be used to be used by the author to bring more emphasis.

The author has endeavored the usage of logical fallacies and irony to bring more empathy northern is on the theme. For example “Long lost to realms beneath the northern skies. She shines supreme while hated factions die”. This shows the extent of slavery. However, the author must bring the irony out clear so that readers may understand and avoid the usage of the logical fallacies.
The choice of words in the poem was poorly done. For example “Was snatch’d to mean snatched and Afric’s to mean Africa. The author should be able to explain this in the footnote for the readers to understand.

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