Essay Analysis of "The Eaarth" by McKibben

The book The Eaarth by McKibben addresses how man has made for himself a new planet. The main argument is that weare living on a different planet from the one that our parents lived in. The author explores different reasons that make the new planet different from the one that our parents lived.

The author begins by exploring global warming as an indicator of the changes that we have caused on the earth. According to the book, global warming is not an expected phenomenon but the world is already experiencing the effects of global warming. People should, therefore, take it as a challenge and find a solution to the problem as soon as possible. The author notes that people are not addressing global warming as a current problem but they are looking at the issue as a problem that they expect. The book is divided into four sections that address problems in the modern world.

The modern world or the earth is a place of misplaced priorities. Of the largest twelve global corporations, six deals with fossil fuel while the remaining six manufactures cars. This is addressed in the second chapter referred to as “High Tide”. In the new earth, growth is a common term that has often been misinterpreted. “On our new planet growth may be the one big habit we finally must break” (McKibben 48). This chapter focus on the misinterpretation of economic concepts and the rise of political economics. According to the author, current measures of economic growth are inaccurate since they do not account for economic degradation resulting from economic processes. In addition, people are more concerned with continuity in economic growth without considering its effects on the environment. For instance, Americans would be comfortable with unlimited growth. However, people are not concerned with the impact of unlimited growth on the environment. There is no anything wrong with the plans that people have on unlimited growth. However, people are unaware of the constant changes happening to the environment because of the growth. Expecting endless growth and an unchanging environment is a fantasy that characterizes people living on the earth.

In the third chapter (Backing Off), the author explores the illusions that people have concerning better economies and fast-growing economies. The author warns that speedy growth does not necessarily indicate good growth. However, it is difficult to imagine a future without growth (McKibben 110). It is impossible to have or dream about the future without having growth in different sectors of the economy. Thus, we deserve a certain growth. The author introduces sustainable growth as the new type of growing that the world deserves. In addition “We’ve got a lot of work to do if we’re going to survive on this Earth, but most of it needs to be done close to home.  Small, not big: dispersed, not centralized” (McKibben 120). This is the description of sustainable growth according to the author. The other aspect of sustainable growth is cutting our dependence on fossil fuels. The author notes that this is not a priority in eaarth where people are more concerned with wealth than their existence. Countries are more concerned with their economic growth indexes than their role in environmental sustainability.

After addressing the indicators of changes that man has caused on earth, McKibben analyzes different solutions that can enable us to survive on earth. However, the author claims that these solutions cannot restore the earth into its original form. We considered energy as our source of freedom from the earth and other individuals. However, we can never be free from the earth or from other individuals since we need each other. We need to learn from our mistakes so that we can plan the future. In addition, we need to have a wise allocation of resources and energy conservation. The author ends his analysis by stating that the “earth represents the deepest of human failures” (McKibben 212). At the end of the book, the author leaves his audience with a vision of how the earth looked like. The author explores the basic factors of survival such as food and water. Abundant food and water supply are the basic characteristics of the earth.

In conclusion, the book the Eaarth by McKibben explores the problems that man has caused upon himself. These problems have resulted from a desire to have continuity in economic growth. The author explores characteristics that distinguish the eaarth from the earth that our parents occupied. Finally, the author gives hope and a vision of living on earth.


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