Essay Comparison of Aeneas and Odysseus

Aeneas is a great warrior who is endowed with all the right qualities. He is a brave individual and a brilliant warrior. People love him for his great fighting skills. He is a superb orator and can move the audience with his heart touching speeches. He is instilled with great family values and gives a high level of respect to his father, Anchises.

Aeneas is one of the strongest characters drawn by Homer. He is devoid of all sorts of inadequacies. Weaknesses, if any are only meant to heighten his human qualities. In one instance, we see Aeneas tempted to kill a cowering Helen, whose ill-fated beauty caused the destruction of Troy. But, Venus intervenes in between and sends off Aeneas to fend for his family. Hence, we see that Homer purposefully gave Aeneas a few weaknesses in his personality to make him more believable to the readers.

Aeneid was a troubled world. The Greeks had tricked the Trojans and entered the land of Troy creating widespread havoc. Aeneas fought is battle well and proved to be a strong opponent to the persecutors. However, he was only human and it was possible for him to stay at only one place and fight a single battle. When all around him Greeks were slaying the drunk and astounded Trojans, it was impossible for Aeneas to fight them all single-handedly. Aeneas was a human after all and as while he fought bravely and contributed largely in the battle he was unable to save the king Priam as he was being massacred before his very eyes. He was deeply disturbed and grief-struck on witnessing the murder of his king and this grief transformed to anger when the cause of all this bloodshed, Helen came visible within his sight. Filled with all-consuming anger, he moved forward to kill this creature responsible for the destruction of Troy, but the timely intervention of Venus made him realize his momentary weakness and Aeneas retraced his path. Hence, we see that Aeneas is indeed a worthy hero who is, however, a great victim of fate. It is fate that lessens his heroic qualities and not any of his personality traits.

Odysseus, Aeneas, and Achilles all were great heroes of the Trojan War. While Odysseus and Achilles fought for the Greeks, Aeneas was on the other side and fought for the Trojans. All three personalities were befitted with many heroic characteristics but also possessed some weaknesses that caused them grief and death.

Odysseus was brave and intelligent and always thought before he acted. Yet, his failing was his pride. He was very much proud of his achievements and this led him to grave trouble. Odysseus also had a lustful nature and this proved hindrance to his journey to home. However, Odysseus had the qualities of endurance, with and courage that helped him to overcome all the obstacles of his life and reach home victorious.

Aeneas was once again the bravest soldier at the side of Trojan but due to fate, he could not save his country even though he committed wholeheartedly to preserve it. However, in the case of Aeneas, we find that he is mostly governed by the commands and advice of his mother and other gods and goddesses and utilizes his own intellect and instincts to a lesser degree. Hence, we can say that Aeneas was brave but lacked the power of decision making or intellect. He was more of a family-oriented, nationalistic and god driven man.

Achilles was considered one of the greatest Greek heroes. He was blessed with an immortal body, but for his heel. And it was this heel that finally had Achilles killed by the hands of Prince Paris of Troy. Achilles is known for his bravery and also his fury. His fury is inescapable. Achilles is also quite determined and once he had made up his mind, he overcomes even the most impossible objectives. His death was a tragic incident and quite ill-fated. After his death, his armor became an object of choice given to the most befitting warrior. Hence, we can say that Achilles was the most deserving hero of the war.

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