Essay Example: How Both Oshiro's "Cocktail party" and Medoruma's "Hope" Present the Issue of Rape

Oshiro’s “Cocktail party” and Medorumas “Hope” both attempted to represent the “unrepresentable” issue of rape. In Medoruma’s “Hope” and Oshiros “Cocktail party” , they attempted to bring in to open the kidnap and rape of a 12-year-old schoolgirl by American soldiers. The issue of the rape of the 12-year-old schoolgirl is just one of the many atrocities that American servicemen have committed in Japan. This issue is “unrepresentable” because, during that time, Japan was under American occupation where its military base was very dominant to the effect that the abuses of American servicemen were overlooked. Japan and United States also had Forces Agreement that made many cases of abuse of the Americans to be swept under the rags.

One of the abuses that was often ignored is the abuse of rape that made the issue “unrepresentable”. If we are going to analyze the situation, Japan was defeated in the Second World War by the Americans which explains its military base and presence in Japan. The American servicemen may have this condescending and hostile attitude over Japanese people since Japan was their former enemy. This is reflected in the many incidents of rape and hostility of American servicemen towards the Japanese. Japan, on the other hand, can do little about the hostilities and abuses of American servicemen because of their Forces Agreement worsened by the fact that the American government dismisses the issue as isolated despite its numerous abuses making the issue of rape and hostility to be “unrepresentable”. Such, Oshiros “Cocktail party” and Medorumas “Hope” attempted to represent the “unrepresentable” by making the delicate issue of rape a central topic in their works.


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