Essay Response to Short Stories: Example

Review of Ishmael: Chapters 6-8

In particular, I like the story due to the worldview provided by Ishmael, the gorilla, in analyzing the two distinct types of people available in the world. In this case, Ishmael sounds like an old man filled with wisdom, and the fact that he has experiences that inform his worldview makes the story educative. In addition, the fact that Ishmael communicates with humans as taught by his friend and guardian, Walter Sokolow, makes the story interesting since he is able to share the story to the world. This could not have been possible were Ishmael not able to talk since these experiences could not have been shared.

Review of The Kid Nobody Could Handle

In this story, I do not like the way it depicts the main character as an individual with an obsessive character whose objective is to lead a fine music band. In this case, the story only focuses on the individual’s obsession with music and fails to identify other important aspects of the main character’s life such as the wife. In this case, the story depicts a man who despite being married is only obsessed with achieving his dreams and not focusing on the most important thing like family. For this reason, I do not like the story.

Review of Long Walk to Forever

Like any other love story, this story is bound to have a happy ending, which consequently makes me like this particular story based on two childhood friends. This story is important since it highlights the importance of forming a friendship with others at a young age. In addition, I like the story as it shows an act of boldness from Newt who confesses his emotions to his childhood friend despite knowing the consequences of his actions.

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