Essay Response to the Story "A Good Man Is Hard To Find"

O’Connor’s story is a perfect illustration of the literal power of combining both thematic materials with grotesque humor; by demonstrating the instances of inhumane actions, such as violence, murder and how they contrast with criticism. The response evaluates the ideal woman and the element of questioned spirituality. The story illustrates a family vacation that eventually ends with a violent criminal encounter by “Misfit”. Going by the illustration from the title, the men in the short story are sexist, short-tempered and murderers. The tragic Misfit character in the story eventually takes another turn to be a redemption story of the grandmother at the mercies of the violent criminal. Violence not only dominates the grandmother’s good moments but also gives some hidden shadows behind the women’s treatment. The misfit shooting grandmother died after she confesses being his mother shows his dis-interest in identity and sense of belonging.

The work by O’Connor briefly illustrates on the way women should act (O’Connor 692). Grandmother gives some idea of what the ideal woman should be. She ought to be extravagantly-dressed, talkative, married to some rich man and good with kids, to qualify as a lady. Its conclusion focuses on the patriarchal suggestion on woman redemption that “a woman can only be guided to redemption with the help of “a good man” (O’Connor 678). There is a perception of a woman’s overreliance on man by the description of the living conditions of the grandmother, “Bailey was the only son she lived with” (O’Connor 678).

It is true that the importance of the spiritual events around the Misfit corresponds to those surrounding grandmother. The author brings the message of the spiritual element in the story. The Misfit provides the appropriate role of the spiritual power of God as he denounces and judges people who live on the ways of hell due to their materialistic and selfish nature (O’Connor 374). He shoots grandmother died when she appears self-centered, trying to save herself from the bullet, even though she is the reason behind her family’s death. Upon the judgment, Misfit murders all the evil people though solemnity dominates him as given by the impression that Misfit took no real pleasure from his actions.


Work cited
OConnor, Flannery. “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” The Art of the Short Story. Ed. Dana O’Connor. New York: Pearson, 2006. Print.

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