Everything Stuck to Him by Raymond Carver: Setting Analysis

The short story narrates the life of a young couple with their baby. The two are barely surviving owing to their lack of resources. The boy receives an invitation from his long lost friend to accompany him on a hunting expedition. The girl dares him to choose between her and hunting. The boy chooses his family and they live a happy life ate resolving not to fight again, the setting the changes to the present day Milan where the boy is showing his daughter the city.

The setting of the plot is vital since it helps in creating the conflict in the story. Set in the modern-day Milan, the author tries to address the plight of numerous children living in large cities but do not know about either their parents or their childhood. The setting then shifts to a small apartment where the young couple lives. The setting in the flashback helps portray the economic hardship the young couple went through as they raised their baby. Additionally, the setting helps the boy adopt a figurative approach to the narration thereby helping the girl understand her childhood by working out the literal meaning of the figurative narration.

Characters in the story are equally vital in enhancing the plot. The unidentified girl instigates the plot of the story as she sets out to find out about her childhood. In doing this, she initiates the series of activities that constitute the plot of the short story. Her inquisitive nature coupled with her desire to establish the truth about her childhood compels her to question the unnamed man in the story about her life story. The other unidentified characters such as the young couple are vital since they portray the deplorable condition in which the girl lived. Their impoverished lifestyle creates a conflict when the boy nearly leaves the girl and the child in order to go hunting. Such intricate personal conflicts among the characters heighten the conflict in the short story.

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