"From the Diary of an Almost Four-Year-Old" by Hanan Ashrawi


This paper is based on the poem “From the Diary of an Almost 4-Year Old” By Hanan Mikhael Ashrawi. The poem portrays the evil acts of soldiers attributed to their lack of consideration regarding who they should fight in the attempt to fight their enemies. The shooting of young, innocent, and harmless children comes out as inhuman despite being from the enemy side. The sad mood is even enhanced by the fact that a nine-month old baby has suffered the same fate (Ashrawi, 2008).

Poem Summary

The narrator is curious about what like would be after recovering from the brutal shooting by a Jewish soldier leading to the loss of one of her eyes. To her, life will be different and worse than it could have been without the incidence. She recalls the incident in that she never saw the bullet coming, but instead, she can remember the pain. The Jewish soldier’s brutal image cannot disappear from her mind either. Her memories about the incidence are still fresh, but she hopes to adopt to her new life although things may never be normal again. The story of a nine-year old baby who suffered the same fate makes the narrator even more worried about similar cases in the future. She considered her situation even better compared to that of this nine-year old baby who also lost an eye (Ashrawi, 2008).

The Reaction

There is a negative reaction against the incidents portrayed in the poem. The narrator considers the two incidents callous. According to the narrator, soldiers should not attack children, who even do not know why they are being attacked (Ashrawi, 2008). Shooting adults would at least be understandable since they have good idea of what is happening.


The poem presents a sad theme where children suffer from malicious activities of soldiers in the name of fighting their enemies. The poem is however fascinating in that a young child can speak out for the evil actions committed against her. She also speaks the same for the other children having suffered the same problems. The theme touches the hearts of many leaders and military personnel to be considerate on who to attack during war.

Ashrawi, H. M. (2008, June 24). The Jewish Soldier and a 4-year old Palestinian Girl: From the diary of an almost 4-year old Palestinian girl who lost her eye to a bullet. Retrieved from islamicinformation.net: http://www.islamicinformation.net/2008/06/jewish-soldier-and-4-year-old.html

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