George Orwell by Margaret Atwood Essay Analysis

Not all of today can claim to have read “Animal Farm”, Nineteen Eighty-Four, or A Brave New World. So reading Margaret Atwood’s “George Orwell: Some Personal Connections” is probably going to influence a number of young minds out there to head to the local library or online library to find these books for immediate reading. These are books that helped shape the mindset of today’s politicians and can also serve as a reference in understanding the evolving government strategies of controlling the people of a nation.

The story itself depicts the way that George Orwell, as a prolific author who knew how to properly present the modern-day problems to children, influenced Ms. Atwood into becoming an author herself. By her own words, she describes how she felt while reading the books by Orwell that helped her, as a nine-year-old child, to understand the atrocities of World War II and how as a teenager, she came to understand the reasons why Russia was not being run in a just and fair manner as a country.

By sharing her thoughts on the various books that she had read in her youth, all dealing with high profile political situations at the time, she manages to perfectly explain her history as a writer and also depict the reasons as to why Mr. Orwell was one of the driving influences in her literary life.
What Ms. Atwood basically wanted to express throughout her essay was the fact that it was Mr. Orwell was a talented writer who had the gift of explaining the harsh realities of the world we live into even the youngest audience through the books that he wrote. She expressed gratitude for the existence of his books that helped her understand the world of historical and contemporary politics during an age when she would have been incapable of doing so. But thanks to him, she understood more about her world than a person of her age normally would have.

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