Greek Mythical Heroes and Civilization Essay

Hercules was one of the greatest heroes of Greek history. He had many achievements regardless of the fact that he was the illegitimate son of the Zeus. In one of the 12 labors, he was expected to free himself and earn his glory by Eurystheus; he was charged capturing Greyson’s cattle. Greyson was a fierce giant with three heads, three bodies, six arms, and a single leg. Hercules was expected to seize the cattle that the warrior owned and bring them back to society. It is his actions that brought civilization to the Greek society. After he captured the cattle as was expected of him, many more people started to rear animals and practice animal-related agricultural activities. He was therefore responsible for bringing back civilization in the form of animal rearing and agriculture as the cattle opened up a new type of lifestyle to the people of Greece (Bremmer, 2014).

Achilles was another Greek hero who was known for his speed and strength. He was the son of King Peleus, and his mother was Thetis. Although his parents were immortal, Achilles was mortal, and this thought troubled his mother to a great extent. In one of his heroic activities, Achilles killed Hector, a soldier of the Trojan army in a competition that he was supposed to take part on behalf of his people. However, after the death of Hector, regardless of the bitterness and rivalry between them for killing his friend Patroclus, he allowed his father to have his body to prepare it for a proper burial. On the other hand, Hector had not allowed Patroclus to have an appropriate burial by dragging him through the sand in an attempt to provoke Achilles to stage a battle against his people. Achilles, therefore, brought back civilization in the war zone by allowing his enemy to have the chance to carry out a proper burial for one of them he had slain. It is from this action that in many battlefields, enemies allow the losers a chance to take up the bodies of their loved ones to accord them a proper burial like a civilized society (Bremmer, 2014).

As outlined above, the role that heroes played in Greek society to bring back civilization cannot be overlooked. Achilles and Hercules are among the many heroes in Greek history known to have helped in the reestablishment of civilization in society. Their actions have helped do away with barbaric activities in the community and also resulted in the adoption of better modus operandi in society.


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