Hamlet Character Relationships Essay

Our relationships always define who we are, and the same can get said for characters in literature. In the plays; the Hamlet, the Odd Couple, the Chalk Circle, different characters have related differently forming different relationships such as parent, child, sibling, lover, and enemy. Considering Hamlet, there are some characters that appear in the play. Some of the dominant characters in this play are Horatio, Hamlet, Prince Fortinbras, Bernardo, Ophelia, Lord Polonius and Laertes (Shakespeare, n.d.).

Considering the relationship between Bernardo and Horatio, they have come out clearly as friends who live together and through this particular friendship, some characters have gotten developed. This special relationship has as well known in a position to enable us to define who the two individuals are. In this friendship relationship between Bernardo and Horatio, living in the same house, the two have gotten used to jokes when communicating with each other.

For the case of Bernardo, he has emerged as an individual who is caring and an optimist (Shakespeare, n.d.). The caring part of him gets evident when he gets worried about Horatio’s situation since its late at night, he wants to go to bed, and Horatio has not yet arrived in the house. He is so much optimistic and cautious at the time he talks of the event that took place in the previous night and planning on how they can make the following night better.

On the other hand, this relationship has defined Horatio as a respectful or obedient and a God-fearing person. This gets evident when he does everything as requested by Bernardo, without necessarily arguing or coming up with his ways opposing those of Bernardo. In this friendship relationship, we see his God-fearing trait when he tells Bernardo that he can’t believe in anything but only God.

The authors have explored this particular relationship by having these two characters living together without any family ties. This emerges more in act one, and the kind of talks they are holding with one another, have made the authors come openly in explaining their characters. Comparing with how they relate in section two, a hall in the castle, we see them sharing some of the inner personal information and feelings that disturb each one of them. In this scene, the authors have explored the friendship between the two as one with lots of trust and openness to one another.

Shakespeare, W. The tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Champaign, Ill.: Project Gutenberg.

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