How to Write a Reflective Essay: Example

There are a number of factors that helped improve and enhance the knowledge needed to analyze and write an unbiased and reflective essay. Some of them are listed below.
The first technique that can prove to be most useful to any writer is the idea of employment of research before truly starting any piece of work. This was immensely helpful while doing work on topics like gun violence and animal rights. Not only did the research log assist in keeping a dated pattern of thoughts and ideas on a specific topic but it also showed the great difference that research could make. By placing ideas in a systematic order, the reader can not only see their movement from a biased perspective to a clearer one but the benefits of doing research become aptly visible in the work that is created. For instance, the work done on gun violence had so many different ideas that it was impossible to know where to start. After reading about the different controversies that surrounded the availability and presence of these weapons in the ordinary American household, it seemed like the best topic to choose for writing an essay. This controversy could never have been discovered without research. Ideas like music and rap affecting the rates of violence were surprising (Kearney 2009). The numbers and statistics found on the youth and the effects of guns in their lives were so phenomenal that there was little choice but to attempt a deciphering of this complex topic.

Analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating were of the second in their importance to writing an unbiased piece. Every individual has their own opinion and it’s but human to assert and show this perspective in the work that they do. It is for this reason that analyzing and evaluating become necessary parts of writing a piece that will be appreciated by all, not just the group that holds the same perspective. A writer’s job is to appeal to an audience and provide them ideas that might change and improve their lives. This is impossible to do if the writer themselves have been unable to get the true gist of the topic they choose. An instance of this is an informative essay. Choosing to stand against animal rights was a difficult job to do, especially with the rate of animal rights being supported today. Yet, while presenting an opinion it became evident that it had to be supported with a deep analysis or it would not ring true to the audience that reads it. This makes analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating a vital part of the writer’s reflective process.

The last aspect of any good writer’s piece is being able to accept and work with criticism. If the writer can accept the criticism they have a greater degree of improving their work. Yet, sometimes pride can be a painful thing and this criticism is unhelpful, especially when the writer has worked long and hard on a piece. It is for this reason that the individual who gives criticism plays a role that is helpful, not intimidating. Also, this criticism should be given by someone the writer respects. Thus the individual should ensure they have won the true respect in the eyes of the writer or their opinion will fall flat. In itself, criticism is an essential part of writing and anyone who wishes to improve in what they do has to accept it.
Though there are many other ways, these three techniques were especially helpful while writing for this course. Thus, it would be wrong to assume that any were unhelpful in what they posed to do: improve and increase writing standards.



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