It's Beginning to Hurt: "The Half Sister" Essay

Martin was a brilliant and moral individual. He had valid dreams that he would develop into great personality worth emulating within the society. Martin pursued a degree career in college and had immeasurable interest in music especially playing guitar. Martin describes how he used to love playing guitar for beautiful girls whom he hoped of marrying in the future at college. He has also had decent love relationships at college. However, Martin’s life has faced a series of demanding challenges. Life has completely changed for Martin both socially and economically. He currently finds no solace in marrying beautiful wives or becoming a renowned guitarist. He has experienced a series of love affairs breakages and negative thoughts about playing guitar for a living. His half Sister always wonders how fast Martin’s life has transformed over a short period.

Martin describes how he has submitted to the pressures of life. He has lost confidence over his personal abilities to achieve his lifelong dreams and goals. He has assorted to free food and favors since he can no longer work for a living. His dreams of marrying a beautiful wife have also changed and Martin only associates with Charmian, who does not have admirable appearance. His curdled ambitions have made him lose sense of living and people within the society sympathize with him. Martin has convinced his conscious that he is a worthless creation that no longer deserves an honorable life. He explains how everything about his life and the ideas he had have stagnated. His mind has now become a devils playground. He says that rarely does engage in constructive thinking (Critical thinker, 2014. p. 1)

Martin remains susceptible to the pressures of his thoughts because he had believed that he would easily achieve them. He was confident with his vibrant dreams only that Martin dreamt too loud. Though his dreams of being a successful husband and musician remained valid dreams, his life plans betrayed him. Martin spent most of his time dreaming and never designed strategies that will lead to his success. The atrocities of his dreams have made him vulnerable to social pressures, and his life plans have stagnated.


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