Jay Gatsby Character Analysis Essay

Part I – Excerpt editing

It has been a hard day. I sit at the table with a cup of tea. The tea is not very good though as it comes in bags and smells of wet plasters. Nevertheless, it will do. I bought some biscuits on my way home; the ones with the embossed British Royal Seal. I find it very reassuring and morale-building as the queen eats at the same building as I. I pull myself together. She snaps in that nasally slightly incomprehensible stem tone. I sit straighter in my chair and consider my options: bury it, burn it or bin it. What do I do? I could always have another biscuit.

Part II – Character analysis in the past tense – Jay Gatsby

Jay Gatsby was a wealthy character. However, he was born in a very poor family that lived on farming for survival. He really despised the challenges of being a poor person. This propelled him to seek ways of being wealthy. From the work, it is evident that he lived a Gothic mansion in West Egg (Fitzgerald, 2013). Indeed as the author described, Jay Gatsby was famous as a very famous man. He loved lavish parties which he threw almost every Saturday night. Jay Gatsby was born as Gatz James in the north of Dakota (Fitzgerald, 2013).
In the course of his strive to be wealthy, it is said that he worked for a famous millionaire who is credited for his wealthy lifestyle. Since that time, Jay has always dedicated his life to being wealthy. The character met Daisy while in the course of training in Louisville. He was training as an officer in that town. It is reported that Gatsby fell in love with Daisy (Fitzgerald, 2013).
From the story, however, it is noted that Jay Gatsby acquired his wealth through unfair means. Jay was actually a criminal who was willing to do anything so as to be wealthy. This he did so as he could impress the woman that caught his attention, Daisy. He also had the desire to attain a social position in their society. Most of the time, the character was depicted as being vulgar, and a very dishonest person. The author also drew the character as one with a lot of flaws especially from his social life (Fitzgerald, 2013).
However as Fitzgerald (2013) wrote, his dreams of ne a wealthy person made him a great person in the entire storyline. Nonetheless, his zeal to push his dreams to reality transformed him into reality.


Fitzgerald, F. S. (2013). The Great Gatsby. New York: Wildside Press LLC.

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