Love and Friendship by Emily Bronte Essay Analysis

The poem, Love and Friendship, by Emily Bronte has a straightforward because it shows that the poem is related to those two things. It has a message related to nature. The author uses metaphors to represent love and friendship in the poem. The author also uses smiles in some lines to clarify the meaning of symbols. The poem also has a mixed attitude with bitter and hopeful emotions. It has a pondering tone evidenced in the last four lines. The poem educates people in the society including religious groups, families, and schools because it has themes of love and friendship. It can be used to build up togetherness in the society and promotion of peace and harmony.

The author used metaphors to make sure that readers understand the message clearly. She described love as wild rose-briar and friendship as a holly tree (1-2). The poem explains the qualities of love and friendship and the existence of friendship after love dies. Similes are in the first two lines and clarify the meaning of each plant. She wrote, “Love is like wild rose-briar, Friendship like the holly tree” (1-2). Those two lines indicate symbolism. Rose can indicate Love, passion, blood, instability, and anger. The description of holly as green shows symbolizes peace and nature (2). The poem has a nice rhythm flow. Example of imagery is in line 10 and 12, “holly’s sheen and garland green (10-12).
In conclusion, the poem gives people a clear understanding of love and friendship since it has themes of love and friendships. People in society learn from the poem how to relate with each other.


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