Love is Understanding by Angelina Pandian: Short Essay

According to the poem, Love is a sweet and kind affair. When an individual is in love, he or she needs to give unconditionally. When in love, a person may cry or go through some forms of difficulty but that does not mean that the affair is sad or bad. Love does not choose its victims but comes at random. Affection is unique and quite delicate. It has serious consequences if forsaken or perceived for granted. It is common to see people suffering because of love issues (Pandian, 2015).

On the bright side, love is precious and can be compared to gold. It is worth holding on to and cherishing. Most people ask what love means in its literal context. However, the definition of love is infinite and it is not possible for a person to describe exhaustively affection. The reason for the infinity in the definition of love is the fact that it manifests itself in different ways in relation to the people involved. Therefore, different individuals have different definitions of love in accordance with its impact on their lives.

The power of love cannot be doubted but its weak side is also evident. Everyone seeks to love or be loved. Therefore, affection is a universal cognitive aspect that applies to almost all humane individuals. Understanding is a notable aspect of love. Everything else may collapse or seize to exist but love will always prevail even under difficult conditions. Emotion may appear to be a small issue but it is an integral part of the human fraternity. For us to understand fully the world we are in, understanding love is imperative.


Pandian, Angelina. (2015). Love Is – Understanding!. PoemHunter. Web. June 29, 2015.

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