Mark Twain's The Damned Human Race Essay

When it comes to thinking about the human race, Mark Twain has a different opinion about us. According to Twain, everyone has their own perception of things, everyone has their own opinion and it is our opinion that distinguishes us from others. With Twain’s point of view, media such as newspapers, movies and television play a major role in our perception and have a greater effect on our thinking process. The depiction of crimes in modern-day movies has been affecting our daily lives. It is supposedly pushing us towards the edge. Also, every time a news channel is switched on one would always find stories of crimes committed around us with their graphic reporting. This is definitely affecting our daily lives and thinking process.

Also, there are examples of different kinds of literature that explain our thinking process and reasoning. Any mistake that occurs in our process of reasoning is called logical fallacy and the human race is full of such examples. The world wars I and II, several love stories depict these logical fallacies and explain how human behavior and reasoning can be affected in different situations. These situations also depict that human reasoning and the ability of humans to think to depend on the situation they are being pushed in.

In a nutshell, Human race has evolved throughout time and considering the events that took place in history, for example, Romeo and Juliet and the events of Salem, We conclude that their thinking and reasoning have been quite different from the point of view of a normal American.

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