Martin Luther King and His Fight Against Racism: Essay Analysis

The main features and strategies that Dr. Martin Luther King mentioned in his famous 1963 speech focused on racism which was a great issue in the United States in the mid of the 20th century.

The main targets of racism were the African Americans who were treated as slaves and were abused and mistreated mercilessly. Therefore they grouped together and decided to bring change in their system as they asked for their civil rights (Analyzing Famous Speeches as Arguments, 2014).

During this time Dr. Martin Luther King played a very outstanding and prominent role as he started protests and boycotts for their civil rights and helped the movement in gaining victory. One of the most remarkable works of Dr. Martin included his speech which he gave in 1963, and was known as “I have a dream”. In this speech, he mentioned the racist problems which were faced by the African Americans, and this created sympathy among the audience for the African American and provided hope among the African Americans.

He delivered this speech in an extraordinarily well manner; he showed a picture of how the African Americans were discriminated and treated. He also showed the reality of the civil rights movement and troubles faced by the Negroes (I Have a Dream – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, 2014).

His speech was basically for three types of an audience; firstly, the Negroes who were discriminated against, secondly the white people and then thirdly, the racists who discriminated against the African Americans and called them evil. In this speech also he tried to make his audiences hate racism and tried to make the world a better place, free of racism (Anson L., 2014).


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