Miss Lora by Junot Díaz Essay

In “Miss Lora,” Diaz uses the second person point of view to describe the experience of Rafa with Miss Lora. While reading the story, I loved the point of view used in most circumstances. However, it made me too defensive and to develop the feeling that the author should speak for himself. I sympathized with the characters on particular occasions as I integrated myself in their shoes. From the narration, it is evident that Diaz distances himself from the story and leaves the reader to interact with the text. In Pura Principle, Diaz uses the second point of view in a manner that leaves the reader feeling that he is not part of the story but a reteller. Apparently, Diaz is reporting in this case. However, the use of the second-person point of view in the dialog of a narrative may make the reader confuse characters because the subject clarity may reduce. Diaz uses the second person in both the stories with the primary aim of engaging the reader in the emotional state and actions of the characters. It was an influential form of narration that evoked my emotion and invited me to imagine what the characters were going through.

Work Cited
Díaz, Junot. This Is How You Lose Her. New York: Riverhead Books, 2012. Print.

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