Modern Chinese Literature: Final Paper Proposal

1. Introduction
The proposed topic for the research project is; the connection between fiction and people’s government in China. If an individual or organization desires to positively change or impact on individuals in a nation, then he/she should first renovate the fiction.

2. Renovating Fiction
Renovating fiction is diverse and entails positively addressing morality, politics, religion, social customs, education, arts, and human character. Fiction adequately enables an effective influence on the thoughts and behavior of people.

3. Improving Governance by Fiction
The topic is suitable because it illustrates the ways in which governance can be effectively improved in China, through positively influencing the thoughts and behavior of the populace.

4. Significance of Fiction
Men greatly value fiction than any other literature category. This is because fiction is very basic, easily understood, interesting, and adequately attracts the attention of the audience. Fiction works have the power to make people more intelligent; hence, positively transforming the world. Fiction greatly influences the mind of men.

5. Fiction Schools
Literary fiction is considered as the crowning glory through the two schools of thought; idealistic and realistic schools. Fiction influences man through various powers.

6. Fiction Powers
Thurification is one of the powers. The perception and sensitivity of individuals are affected unconsciously through reading. Immersion is another power. Immersion is when readers become very engrossed in the literary work, and thus integrates into the contents.

7. Conclusion
Thurification and immersion, therefore, plays a great role in influencing members of society towards positive thoughts and actions.

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