Mother Courage and Her Children Essay Analysis

“Mother Courage and Her Children” is the best play for the semester, considering its uniqueness in the presentation of the major character. Mother Courage, although she is the hero of the play does not depict any unusual or above-average behavior, characteristic of many heroes in plays. Her character display courage in a way that any other mother would do, only with the glamour of uniqueness. Despite the fact that the play occurs in a war setting, Mother Courage does not fear to trade with the army and does not seem to worry very much when her son, Eilif is taken by the general for a war mission (Brecht, 37). While it is expected that she would be sentimental after his other son is shot, she reacts on the contrary by denying his body. It is a story of extreme courage, though expressed in a simplistic manner that is and almost unusual. Mother Courage has already lost two of her children courtesy of the war, and the third and the only one living has been seized by the army. Nevertheless, she has opted to take all that calmly, without a great show of mourning or grief. The most dramatic turn of the play is when Mother Courage is glad that her daughter was injured on the face and disfigured since she would no longer fall into the risk of being assaulted by the soldiers (Brecht, 81). The single aspect that makes this play the best, is the technique of the author to build positivity in the major character, under all circumstances, even those that adversely affect her. The technique makes it possible to build a sense of great courage, in a character that is no better than the average character.

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