My Oedipus Complex by Frank O'Connor Essay Review

The story revolves around Mick’s family. Mick is a soldier and spends most of his time at the job. On the other hand, his wife spends most of her time at home with the firstborn son Larry. Despite the fact that Larry misses his father, he wishes that the father can continue staying in a war so that he can have time with the mother. He goes to the extent of praying to God for war to continue so as to keep his father, Mick, away from home. It is all in the fight for attention within the family. Larry wants to do anything to ensure that he gets all the attention of the mother. On the contrary, Mick tries his best too to keep away Larry so that he can have all the attention of his wife. The fight for attention between the father and son only ends when a new boy is born. Thus, the story centers on the fight for attention among the family members.

Larry enjoys the company of the mother very much. He wishes he could spend more time with her. He enjoys taking a walk with her. Every time he wakes up, he only thinks about moving to his mum’s room so that they can talk. However, any time he does so, the mother is not happy as she keeps complaining to Larry not to wake his father. She keeps reminding Larry that the father is tired because of the job. She says “Because poor Daddy is worried and tired and he doesn’t sleep well” (O’Connor). On the other hand, Mick does not want Larry to take most of his mother’s time. He is annoyed to find Larry awake and in the bedroom too early. He says, “That damn child! Doesn’t he ever sleep?” (O’Connor). However, father and son find themselves in a tight corner when there is a newborn baby (Sonny) and the mother’s attention shifts from them “…..only cried for attention.”


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