Oral Literature in North America Essay

Oral literature is a relevant area of study, whether or not the society within which it is studied practices traditional storytelling. Contemporary trends in North America have critically overlooked the role played by oral literature in the context of studies. This study has progressively been replaced by printed and written materials as afar as studies are concerned. However, this does not imply that oral literature has lost its relevance in North America.

Interaction, communication, and the provision of sharing platforms are vital components of the academic pursuit. The study of oral literature essentially provides for all these components in the academic pursuit. The fact that traditional storytelling is not an integral practice in contemporary North America does not imply that oral literature is automatically a failing study. This study stands strong ground in enhancing communication and interaction skills among teachers and learners.

In the study of oral literature, the commonality of traditional storytelling is not a critical factor. The failure to observe traditions and/or customs that are consistent with oral literature is not the determining factor of the success of studying oral literature in contemporary North America. The study of this subject could employ global diversity so that it does not necessarily rely on what contemporary North America has to offer. Oral literature encompasses narratives that carry a message, information, and communication aspects. These are the vital factors to account for in the study of oral literature, whether or not traditional storytelling is common in contemporary North America.

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