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Moby Dick: A Short Reflection

Life has a way of making people equal, regardless of their strengths or weaknesses in different aspects of life. One person might be poor and the other one might be rich, but all of them are balanced by the fact…

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Poetry Discussion: Responses & Replies

Discussion posting on Williams and Stevens Wallace Stevens and William Carlos Williams have contributed significantly to making poetry a common person’s thing. Although their styles of expression exhibit appreciable differences, one thing appears to be common to both i.e. expression…

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Analysis of Mastering Fear in Poems

The poems incorporated that is cardiac arrest, and inseparable hearts entails an emotionally connecting expression of the self in reaction to fears suffered from engaging with the father of the poet. The speaker constructively approaches the poems with instinctive emotions…

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Of Modern Poetry Questions

Question 1 Huang Zunxian is a worldly known majorly in poetry. His work modern parting analyses the effect of modern technology has changed people’ view of the world. People have taken ancient articles and coated them with modernity. They are…

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The Silver Door : Lisle, Holly

Option 1 Everyone within the street had described them as twins. They were twins in smuggling weapons and drugs. John and Tom had established a formidable partnership in the business. No single transactions proceeded in the absence of neither of…

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