Parent – Child Relationship: Comparative Analysis

A parent-child relationship is based on relation, attachment, and bond. A child is very close to his/her parents. The role of a father is a very different, important and vital for a child. This relationship has been portrayed by many writers and poets in their literary piece of work. All of them have talked about a different and a beautiful side to this relationship. The following comparative analysis of the poems is based on the portrayal of a parent – child relationships.

“Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden is a poem where a child discusses Sundays during winters, he confesses his unspoken love for him, and Sundays were only the days where the child could spend some time with his father. Sunday has been used as a symbol of the reunion of a father and a child in the poem.

In “My father‘s song by Simon J. Ortiz the poet tries to describe a lesson between a boy and his father. The father is teaching his child how to grow up with the experience of working in cornfields. He teaches him how a man should be able to plant food to be able to eat; he also makes his child aware of a sense of survival and values of life in terms of respecting life around him.
Thus, to conclude it can be said that both the poems talk about bond and love between the father and his child. These poems discover beautiful aspects of this relationship in different walks of life making the audience aware of the deepness and affection that prevails in this bond.

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