Poetry Analysis: Your Hands by Gevorg Emin and The Clothespin by Rhonda Bower

Love relationships often inspire poets to write. They resort to different writing techniques to render the diversity and complexity of relationships in couples. Two poems Your Hands by Gevorg Emin and The Clothespin by Rhonda Bower have love relationships in their focus. However, these relationships are totally different due to different tone, verbiage and stylistic means used by poets to talk about them.

Relationships in both poems are represented from a different perspective. In The Clothespin, they are observed from the side while they are experienced in Your Hands. Distance between the observer and the observed relationships motivates a colder tone of the poem. For instance, the line “through the window I see // Her, my neighbor” creates a setting for the whole story and includes point of view suggested for readers to take. On the contrary, the sense of touch in Your Hands shows that people are very close to each other. Couples who walk hand in hand are associated with romantic love.

Both relationships are long-lasting. In The Clothespin, the duration is rendered through settings; when people live together and share daily routines, their relationships have a long history. In Your hands, duration is emphasized by the use of the word hold in present and past tenses in a row in the line “hold me, held me, for so many years”.

The atmosphere in these two couples is totally different. In Your Hands, both lovers are together because they are emotionally attached to each other. They remain independent in their decisions and choices due to the line “hands which make me master without mastering me”. Moreover, people benefit from these relationships spiritually. The persona in Your Hands has experienced the transformation from the “shells” to the “pearl”. The situation is quite different in The Clothespin. In this poem, clothespin is a metaphor that represents a shared household. If the clothespin is the only thing which makes these two people stay together, it means that their romantic love has already disappeared. They still care about each other, but their relationships lack warmth and romance which is present in Your Hands.

In summary, these two poems show how different relationships in a couple might be. Some people manage to save their romantic love and transform it into something bigger. Other people are drowned in daily routine which kills their romantic love. Bower and Emin clearly show these differences in short but very expressive poems.

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