Rainy day by Henry Wadsworth

Stanza One

Line One: Henry shows how he has no motivation, he also describes how he has lost hope and the gloom that comes with it. He shows the audience and readers his experience of a bad day.
Line Two: The gloomy days are not over, they keep coming and the wind never stops, it keeps blowing. Although the day is depressing and sad, he realizes it’s only a sad phase of his life and feels that it will come to pass.
Line Three: The line shows the narrator’s depression that stings him quite often is slowing ending.
Line Four: The line shows that despite the challenges, at some point they let off.
Line Five: Longfellow shows how hope is non-existent and the sadness and emptiness of the days ahead.

Stanza Two

Line One: Longfellow at the beginning of the stanza goes personal. He tries to show us how his life is full of problems and sadness. It is a portrayal of his pessimism. His life is gloomy.
Line Two: The gloomy days, sad moments and bad experiences do not stop; they keep coming.
Line Three: He thinks of the days that are past his present, the days he was young, and the dreams and aspirations he held. The narrator seems nostalgic about the issue of when he was young. In this line, Longfellow recalls of what activities he did when he was young.
Line Four: The pessimism in Longfellow is well portrayed in this line. He describes his youthful days as dream days, where one can plan and hope. However, today those dreams and aspirations are no more, he has given up on them.
Line Five: He describes how he lost hope and the sadness and emptiness of the days he faced and those he has to face ahead. The line further stamps the feeling of loss. The narrator at this point shows that there is no hope at all to turn around his situation.

Stanza Three

Line One: It is a total contradiction and way round from how the narrator felt in his previous lines. Unlike the first two stanzas, where we are of how he is buried in grief, the line is introduced with the words of a person who has found a new purpose worth living for. More like, I have grieved enough, the past cannot be changed and now it’s time to move on. The tone of the line also changes, while the previous lines in the first two stanzas were sad, this line is full of hope. The poet has realized that he must deal with the situation.
Line Two: The line shows the poet has renewed hope for existence and the future ahead. The line shows that whatever one holds dear is worth clinging onto even when challenges surmount. The challenges cover our sight to the bigger picture yet they are just passing by.
Line Three: The narrator shows us that, everyone experiences a sad moment at one point in their lives. One cannot escape from those that are painful and sad yet one must devise ways and means of handling every situation as it comes.
Line Four: The poet in this line shows that at one point or another one is bound to experience a gloomy day. The line describes that it is not only the narrator who experiences a bad day. Everyone has a bad day.
Line Five: The narrator says that of the days that one has some must be gloomy and sad.

Henry Wadsworth (1841), Rainy Day.

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