Relationship between “Christina’s World” and the Poem “Solitude”

I can feel the light, As there is no cloud.
Here blank I sit today,
With my shadow in solitude.
The only stern friend I have,
Is the whirl of wind directions.
Am not in a bliss mood,
Since am hollow inside.
Memories spiking as a needle,
As I wonder about my character.
I can feel the scent of the wind,
As I am on my lowest depth.
This is me in solitude,
I can’t change it at all.

Poem Writing Process

To make the work easier and understandable, I read the whole of the instructions. I therefore followed by checking all the paintings so as to know which painting is suitable for my writing. As one goes through the painting there is a need to think poetically and try to relate the paintings with the idea that you have in mind. The painting will also allow you to chose the painting that you admire most or you understand best thus making it easier to develop a poem from it. Putting all this consideration in place I decided to choose Andrew Wyeth painting, “Christina’s World”. From the painting, I started to bring in rough ideas on how the poem should look like and how it should sound.
Writing a poem is not an easy task, more so if one has some conditions to meet. I had to concentrate and think before writing. The details are so hard to accommodate in the piece and therefore there is a need for patience and free-thinking to see that one gets all the points to the poem. I decided to write a rough poem, besides it, I placed the list of eight words that were needed in the poem. I then adjusted the poem as I ensured that each line had words between five and seven and at the same time ensuring that all these words are accommodated. During this process, some lines had to be deleted completely so as to see that the words fitted perfectly and made sense. I then went back to the five quotations; checking them and inserting the appropriate words ‘fragments’ in the piece with much attention being on seeing that all the quotations are accommodated and the poem still remains to make sense. The product of all this is the poem ‘Solitude’ that has fourteen lines and not divided into stanzas.

The Relationship between Andrew Wyeth, “Christina’s World” and the Poem ‘Solitude’

Generally, the poem title solitude relates to Andrew Wyeth painting, “Christina’s World”, by the fact that the lady in the painting appears to be in solitude. The fact that the poem is solitude is shown even in the second last stanza (Hoptman et al, 2012). The first line, ‘I can feel the light’ implies that the persona is on the field or a place open which is the same scenario in the case of the Andrew Wyeth painting. Being outside is what makes the persona to be able to feel the light. The second line, ‘As there is no cloud’ is also supported in the Andrew Wyeth painting, from the fact that in the painting the skies are clear. The third line, ‘here bland I sit today’ relates to the painting by the fact that the lady in the painting is sitting. The sixth line talks about the wind changing directions in a fast manner that can be felt by the persona. For this to happen one must be in an open area that there are no trees to act as windbreakers. This is the same thing that the painting has illustrated since where ‘Christina’ is sitting there are no trees, thus the act of wind changing direction could be felt.
The second last and the last lines, ‘this is me in solitude, I can’t change it at all’ gives the picture that the persona was thinking about other options; a way that could see him out of solitude. This could be linked with the painting by the fact that the lady in the painting is looking at the house which is some distance away. This is like her only hope as seen in the painting, but she is still sitting. This is a sign of one accepting her fate.


Hoptman, L. J., Wyeth, A., & Museum of Modern. (2012). Wyeth: Christina’s world. New York, NY: Museum of Modern Art.

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