Response to Raymond Carver's Short Story "Cathedral"

Raymond’s story talks of how Robert and the narrator of the story related to bear in their minds that they are very different in some aspects. From the story, I have learned that treating those who meet with kindness and respect is imperative in our daily living. Some of the people we meet tend to have entirely lost their faith in life, and it is always good to make them feel worthwhile in the society and if possible, help in improving their spiritual beliefs.

Again, after meeting a different person who maybe sees the world differently, I would try to bring the reality of the world before him or her. The action is supposed to follow in-depth research on the life of the person that I have met just as it happens in the story. Unlike in the story where Robert develops some sense of jealousy to the narrator who had a relationship with his wife a long time ago, I would feel great and be proud that at the closure of the day, I would be the one who won her heart.

After meeting with the new person, it would be of less concern to me to know about his or her relationship with their spouses contrary to what happens in the story. I always consider this person and should be avoided at all costs. It is not always good to talk about his or her religion, as I do not have any information on the religion and the belief of the new person that I have just met as Robert did to the narrator by asking if he had faith in anything. I will avoid talking about this as it might bring much confusion and maybe misunderstandings between us.


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