Rhetorical Analysis on Martin Luther King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail"

The Letter to Birmingham is an essential document in the history of the civil rights movement. It props and gives the basis for peaceful protests in the context of a brutal government against the blacks. The author, Martin Luther King, achieves this end by notable techniques that he uses in his paper. The thesis of the letter regards the moral right to protest against oppression, even is much resistance may bend towards unlawfulness.

To begin with, Kind does not resort to an openly angry retort. He instead engages his distractors in a logical flow of arguments. He begins by telling them that he is in a Birmingham jail. He states that he is in jail because of injustice in the American system. He further minutes that injustice that involves him or a section of the population involves the whole American population.
The author also prods the audience’s imagination by asking questions that lead to critical thinking. This is essential in allowing the audience to convince themselves over their ignorance. For instance, he highlights the question, “Why didn’t you give the new administration time to act?” He, therefore, explains why the American black population and concerned parties should be impatient with the American administration. In addition, he highlights the disparities in privileges between the black community and the white community in order for the black ministers to understand the suffering of their people. The author does not employ abusive language but uses polite connotations to convince an audience which he knows is adamant.


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