Shakespeare Interview Project Reflection

Old individuals in the interview could not cease to express their deep affection for William Shakespeare’s plays. It was surprising to find old individuals remember a number of quotes from Shakespeare’s work. Aging folks showed expression of love in the creativity of the plays in the plots and communication of the intended message. Most of the old viewers were astonished to realize that I ask about the author since most of the young people give up on studying Shakespeare’s work. In most of the interviews, old villagers had a nostalgic remembrance of how the plays played a great part in shaping their understanding of life. Most of the elderly people said plays described being a human in the perfect way. In the teachings from the plays, old villagers recall having all aspects of life including war, love, politics, corruption, and revenge. In relating to previous years, these old villagers enjoyed every bit of the play and understood the language used. The play plots also fit the ancient times that the old villagers understand better than the current generations. Most of the old villagers had an opportunity to view the plays in theatre rooms that is not common with the current generation. Elderly people associated the play with their daily lives and noted Shakespeare’s work as wonderful and genius.

A few young individuals from the village share the same feelings as the old people about Shakespeare’s work. The young generation complained that the plays are hard to understand from the plot to the language used. Most of them only meet the work in school and found it quite odd for me to ask about old plays that were hard to understand. A number of them do not take the time to understand the plays and concentrate on modern technology including watching films rather than going to theatres. The plays have a mixture of strange and familiar attitudes to modern readers (Dutton & Howard, 2008). Most young people also feel left out on the plot and some have never watched Shakespeare’s work in theatre. The young generation sees the work as a study material with less association with their current lives.


Dutton, R., & Howard, J. E. (2008). A companion to Shakespeare works. Malden, Mass: Blackwell.

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