Shakespeare: Questions and Answers

Answer to Question 1

In the movie called Private Romeo, a story is told of eight cadets left behind at an isolated military high school where the greatest romantic goes beyond the classroom environment and infiltrates their lives. Reminiscent of the original text of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ YouTube videos as well as lip-synced Indie rock music, Private Romeo brings out a mysterious and tender place that can only be inspired by Shakespeare. Although Romeo and Juliet may never be more provocative compared to this contemporary all-boy staging, the director/writer Alan Brown changes the setting from fair Verona to a high school military campus where a small group of boys act out the heartbreak in real life. This audacious adaptation shuns convention and presents challenges with regard to common observations of masculinity, gay youth, and the military. It is characterized by solid performances, tough dialogue, tender romance together with a unique setting with an erotic rhythm and some surprising twists.

Answer to Question 2

The theatre will comprise of the following parts: First, is the apron which is the area in front of the proscenium arch. Secondly, the backstage will be made up of areas of the theatre adjacent to the stage only to performers and technicians (Danver, 5). The area which will be used by actors and technicians to move from the arena left to right from the sight of the audience will be created through masking and drapery. This will be called crossover. The portal that divides the audience from the stage will be called the proscenium. There will also be the prompt of the corner.

Answer to Question 3

Shakespeare’s work has changed over the course of his career. The death of his father at around 1600, he began to write much darker plays, such as the great tragedies and the darker “problem play” comedies. About a decade later, he began writing less dark plays with the advent of romantic plays such as The Tempest and Cymbeline. Based on these it is evident that the play he began his career with would easily identify with male adults who can overcome the horrifying scenes that come with them. The romantic plays would work well for females considering the emotional attachment that takes center stage between the parties involved. It can also apply to adult males.

Work cited
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