Shakespeare's Masterpiece: Essay Review

Shakespeare considers love to be of high value. Romeo and Juliet display a young love, with Juliet being thirteen years of age and Romeo 16. The love sparkles, at first sight, though they came from rival families, it does not stop their love. In his play Cleopatra and Antony, Shakespeare reveals an intense love full of sacrifice and devotion (Bloom 96). Cleopatra and Antony are in their middle age when they fall in love. Antony believes his love for Cleopatra to be immortal, he even takes his life when he hears the news of the death of Cleopatra.
Cleopatra depicts an act of ignobly to the messenger. Cleopatra threatens to kill the messenger if he does not bring good news. The messenger is powerless and defenseless, this makes Cleopatra act ignobly. Cleopatra orders her servants to amuse her in her boring status.

Shakespeare in his play Cleopatra and Antony depict loyalty and community. Domitius Enonarbus address Antony as his brave emperor and dances to the Egyptian Bacchanal. Shakespeare further shows order and humility in Romeo and Juliet when Benvolio tells Romeo that the prince will doom thee death.

In the play, Richard the second, York a humble and loyal servant of Richard changes his mind. York joins Bolingbroke, Richard’s rival and conspires against him. Cleopatra also changes his mind when he spares the messenger’s life and tells him to reveal more about Antony’s marriage. Romeo and Juliet, Capulet changes his mind when he demands Juliet to marry Paris.
Shakespeare uses Mercutio and Apothecary in Romeo and Juliet as an imaginative character. Mercutio brings unity between Juliet and Romeo. He encourages Romeo to attend the party where he meets Juliet. Apothecary sells poison to Romeo that later kills him to end the feud. Shakespeare used puns in his plays. It is the unkind character in humankind. Cleopatra, Octavius, Tybalt fit the picture Machiavellian villain. They all struggle to achieve what they want. Cleopatra is willing to betray her lover, and she also defects from her country.


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