Statement of Purpose: English Literature in the Middle East

The world of the Middle East is on the cusp of important social and global changes. As such, it falls upon the citizens of the country to make sure that they are well prepared for the changes that are forthcoming. As a responsible citizen of the Middle East, I feel that it is my responsibility to do what I can to prepare the younger generation for the eventual roll-out of the changes by ensuring that I am well equipped to educate them about English both as a language and as a part of the American culture that is sure to influence our society. I first became conscious of the forthcoming changes while I was working as an interpreter at a hospital in Saudi Arabia.

Having studied English Literature in undergraduate school, I was privileged to have received language training while still in Saudi. Although I received adequate training, I knew that the best training that I could receive still lay ahead of me. If I were to become one of the foremost educators in the country, I would need to go directly to the source for more education and training. Hence my desire to come to the United States to partake of more advanced English literary studies as a masters degree student in English literature. Not only would I be further educated about the important English literary works, but I would also experience American life first hand. Thus allowing me to return to Saudi not only with theoretical knowledge of the country but also armed with practical knowledge of the American culture and way of life via my personal experience as a foreign student living in the country.

It is because I already have a professional career plan outlined for myself that I am quite certain of my objectives as a student in the United States. After arriving in the United States in 2012, I told myself that I should work extremely hard at completing my studies on time and my observation of the American culture so that I can return to my homeland after graduation with the latest information about the United States which I can share with my students and peers. This transfer of information will result in an updating of the Arabic method of teaching and content of our course syllabus as well with regards to English learning.

The updating of the Arabic English curriculum is part of my long term plans. I shall take it upon myself to begin the crusade of improving and updating the Arabic curriculum in order to ensure that our educational system shall remain competitive on the world stage.

Most importantly, since Saudi is now giving women a chance to perform as equals of the men, women are now becoming an increasing part of the school population. Therefore, it will only be logical that I help further the cause of Women’s Education by not only encouraging them to continue with their studies, regardless of the difficulties they face. I fully intend on serving as the epitome, the role model of the modern-day Arab woman, by not only being a success in my field of work but also by inspiring them to dream and push themselves to achieve far more than they believe that they can actually achieve in life. For only then can Arabic women truly be in full control of their destiny and a part of the future of the Arab world?

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