Term Definition of International Literature Power Relations

The term international literature power relations has been introduced by Pascale Casanova in his written piece entitled ‘Literature as a World’. It should be noted that the author has introduced the term as a factor that inhibits the co-relation between literary power and the world. However, Casanova does not lay complete stress on the term to be the only factor that is applicable to literary complexity.

The author has marked the usage of the term in his writing to the context that people have not been able to completely create a proper timeline of events that took place in history. It is true that the literary compilation of events of Paris does not talk about Irish. It is due to this reason that contemporary readers are not able to link the events and the reason behind their happening (Casanova).

The power that has been talked through the term is the impact that each region had on the literary evaluation. This is evident from the fact that most of the readings miss out on the plot setting. This is more likely to prevent the readers to understand the services that the author has undertaken in that particular era of his writing (Casanova).

Inter-national literature power relations is a very expressive term that has been used by Casanova to assimilate on his understanding of the literary gaps that have been created over the years on purpose. He claimed in his writing with the help of the term that it could have been one way of reducing the gap and turmoil in understanding the world and events that took place in it.


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