The Best of Intentions by John Humphreys: Review

In some instances, it is hard to offer the most qualified personnel a job due to the reaction of the clients an aspect that might negatively affect the company. This was the case with Cynthia Mitchell who got a management opportunity at AgFunds. The company provides services mainly financial related to farmers and cooperatives. Due to the increasing loss of a customer for the past 15 years, Regional vice president recruited Cynthia in order to revive Arkansas district which has been recording devastating results. Nevertheless, the most qualified personnel in the organization who could revive the previous results were Steve Ripley. One of the blocks that hindered Steve from taking up the job is his color. Steve was black. As a result, farmers would not trust their books to a black professional. Peter has tried other employees but they failed miserably, therefore, he had his trust in Steve. He was, therefore, ready to use all means to ensure that Steve takes the new mantle although he doubted if he will be accepted in the organization (Humphreys 32)

Cynthia’s appointment followed successful performance and recruitment in the past three years an aspect that made her be considered as a rising star. The salesforce was not bad by the time Cynthia took the position but she needed one powerhouse rep to return it to normal. At first, she thought that she needed a fresh graduate from school who was talented, ambitious and ready to work very hard. Nevertheless, a few meetings and interviews with Steve proved that Steve was one of the most qualified personnel in the organization. Fellow employees in the organization had a different perspective concerning Steve mainly because of his skin color. Many argued that customers are ones who dictate the hiring policy of the organization. Despite the complicated case, Cynthia insists that the main aim of the organization is to maximize profits without hurting all stakeholders i.e. Steve, customers, and employees. After being restless for long Cynthia decided to face Peter and explain the situation to him. During this conversation, peter did not look astonished by the news as he expected such treatment. Despite Cynthia thinking that Steve will quit the race to the new position, he leaves the last decision to her and requests her to ensure that she makes the right decision (Humphreys 33)

In my opinion, I would advise Cynthia to appoint Steve to the position. Instead of denying the organization an opportunity to give a sensitive position to a person whose record is well known, Cynthia should work tirelessly to convince the farmers and other stakeholders that Steve is trustworthy and qualified to hold the vacant position. This would be the best opportunity for Cynthia to reduce or eradicate racism in the organization. Once she fails to appoint Steve to the position, she will give farmers more powers to dictate on the appointments of the organizations. This is also an opportunity for Cynthia to set an example of fairness because her discrimination towards Steve will demoralize other employees and kill the spirit of teamwork.

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