The Future of Russia – Fabulous or Frenzied

There is no great Oracle to predict the future of any nation as it is. Russia is a land of unpredictability. Right from their popular revolutions to the dictatorship rule leading to cold war and the current Putin Anti-Americanism, the country never ceases to surprise the outsider with its perseverance. The future of Russia might be a fabulous one given the steady leadership, emerging technologies, and strong Russian Idealism. At the same time, it might grow frenzy with the rising Islamic population, their new cultural and survival demands and the aging workforce of the Russians.


Believe it or not, Moscow is the largest Muslim city in Europe (Geneva). While the original Russian population is declining at an alarming rate, due to various cultural and economic reasons, the population of various Islamic settlers in Russia is thriving. The growing population of these legal and illegal migrants will demand a lot from the government. Their delicate situation will make them prey to the Jihadists easily. Both the United States and Russia face an equal threat from growing religious terrorism.

The Promising Middle Class

Russia’s future mainly depends upon its educated middle class, who form the major workforce of the country. They have all the opportunities to flourish into an intellectual society. But, most of them migrate into the European and American nations in search of a bright future. Those who settle in the nation, have large concerns about bringing up a family, leading to a severely aging population. The government takes massive steps to encourage Russian mothers to give birth to more babies, but the harsh economic pressure makes most of the mothers choose American husbands instead of the local ones. Rampant corruption, the countries dwindling infrastructure and little or no opportunity to live a luxurious life in the prevailing economic situation, everything makes them exhausted.

The not so responsible Elite class

A report from the World Bank states most of the major business executives in Russia are quite reluctant to invest money in any long term investment. Indians and the Russians are the best investors of black money in Switzerland banks. The national policy created during the Boris Yeltsin period created some very rich people. The money entrusted upon them lies safely invested somewhere out of the country instead of helping the industries grow.

Russia’s future

We have to consider three main points to undermine whether Russia’ future will be fabulous or frenzy.
1. The Russian Government’s plan for internal development
2. The impact of these plans on the World and especially Eurasia in general and the European Union’s impact on the countries development and foreign policy.
3. The effect of the global trends like economic recession and technological revolution on Russia (Petrov)
President’s Putin’s long term ruling has left several people grumbling. But, his ministry is quite stable at the moment which is a great asset to the growth of the country’s economy. His internal development plans include doubling the wages of middle-class workers like doctors and professors, increasing stipends for students, boosting the maternal capital to increase childbirth and billions of investment in the technology infrastructure (Baxter). The internal development plans look quite promising except for one concern. The President aims to achieve all this by drilling out as much oil as possible from the country.

Depleting the sustainable resources of the country will do more harm than good in the near future. Digging the environmentally susceptible regions of Russia for more oil will affect the world’s environment as a whole. Russia should concentrate on increasing its exports, curbing its imports and increasing the market for domestic products. This would be the best way for long-lasting development. Curbing the imports will affect the foreign policy of the government with the EU directly. But, the Anti-American standard followed by the Putin government will actually support it.
Luckily Mr. Medvedev, a close associate of President Putin seems to reflect the same idea. Considered as the successor of Putin, he shows great responsibility in core areas of development like a technological revolution, judicial reforms and developing an intellectual and idealistic middle class. He tends to make use of western influence to increase the use of technology in his country. Instead of importing in massive western and Chinese items, the country aims to produce them through locals to fulfill the domestic needs.
Considering the pros and cons of President Putin’s government policies the future of Russia will be fabulous if he heeds to the ideas of youngsters like Mr. Medvedev. Else it will take a little longer to achieve the same and after a little struggle. The fabulous future light is at the end of the tunnel. It is up to us to walk steadily or tumble and toss towards it somehow.


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